NES reborn: Analogue Nt - Aluminum NES

NES Reborn

Analogue Nt
If you are around my age, the Nintendo Entertainment System is probably the most iconic game console of all time for you. As a matter of fact, for me, the NES is the first console I got my hands on. So you can say that I was introduced to world of video games by the NES. Okay, well, that's not entirely true. It actually was a SNES. Well guys, good news. +Analogue Interactive made the rebirth of the NES possible, introducing the  Analogue Nt to the world.

 Analogue Interactive announced taking order by the end of March. And personally I can't wait.

According to Analogue Interactive the case material for the Analogue Nt is made out of a  solid block of aircraft grade aluminum. The company is not giving away many details and features at the time of writing. However they promise to "not disappoint" and to "blow everyone away". So for now, many, if not all, of our question remain unanswered. 

From what I understand, the goal of this project is to give us the pleasure of playing the NES/Famicom again with absolutely no compromise on quality. In other words, the Analogue Nt is meant to give us the experience of playing the NES/Famicom with the hardware it was designed to be played with. As stated by Analogue Interactive. The design is based around "the heart and brain of the original NES".

The Analogue Nt supports four players, which make me assume that they integrated the Four Score accessory from the 1990's. This of course is a big plus, at least for me. Four players on the NES? Come on, son! That's awesome. I can not confirm this at the time of writing but when the console becomes available in the webshop, it could very well be bundled with newly developed NES-games. This of course brings up alot more questions doesn't it? Ah well, let's see if we have to blow in the cartridges like we use to before the game can start, haha.

On another note, Analogue Interactive also created a wooden Neo Geo, among others, earlier.