14.1.G.2.257 Firmware Camera Improvements

In my previous post, I talked about the new firmware rolling out for the +Sony +Xperia Z1 and Z Ultra. This update brought many and big improvements and tweaks for Xperia Z1. One of those improvements was, allegedly, a new tweaked camera algorithm that should result in better quality pictures.
This is obviously great news, I got excited too when I was reading the change log.  But can this be easily proven? Well someone just took some pictures on his Xperia Z1 pre-update, updated right then and there and took more pictures.

These pictures were taken about 8 minutes apart in some park on the same phone and in roughly the same light.

Z1 Camera comparison
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Z1 Camera Comparison
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These pictures are taken in Manual, 8MP 4:3, no scene, no EV, no processing. The Smart Social Camera platform has been improved also. This results in better performance of the features such as Burst Mode, Superior Auto, AR Effect and Sweep Panorama.
I can see the difference on my own pictures. Do you own a Xperia Z1? Please tell us if you noticed it too and/or if you are having trouble with the new firmware.

Source: xda-developers