Sony's PlayStation 4 vs. Microsoft's Xbox One vs. Nintendo's Wii U comparison

Comparing the top three consoles

Picture of the 3 logo's,XboxOne PS4 WiiU shopped in to the eyes of people
If you're like me, you will want to know exactly what you get when you're buying something. Especially when it comes to hardware. In this particular post I will provide a comparison chart for the top 3 consoles on the market, or soon to be hitting the market, +Sony's Playstation 4, +Microsoft's Xbox One and +Nintendo's Wii U. I know
there a lot more choices than the three I will compare. But they still are the three biggest.
Maybe you're like me and plan to buy the Wii U nonetheless and are thinking about the PlayStation 4 vs. Xbox One (Click for my review). Either way, I hope this helps.
Are you sitting comfortably? Got a cold drink? Or a hot beverage, what ever you like. Here we go.

Subject PlayStation 4 Xbox One Wii U
Price $/€399.99 $/€499.99 $/€299.99
Release Date US:Nov-15-2013
Nov-22-2013 Nov-18-2013
CPU Single-chip x86 AMD "Jaguar" processor, 8 cores 8 Core Microsoft custom CPU Tri-Core PowerPC "Espresso" CPU
GPU AMD Radeon Graphics Core Next engine with 1152 shaders AMD Radeon 853 MHz GPU with 768 shaders AMD "Latte" 550 MHz GPU with 320 shaders
Optical Drive Blu-ray and DVD Blu-ray and DVD Proprietary 25GB Optical Disc
Hard Disk Drive 500 GB 5400 RPM SATA II 500 GB 5400 RPM SATA II 8MB cache 8GB or 32GB Flash
External HDD Not Supported USB Supported USB Supported
Removable HDD Yes, if at least 160GB and not thicker than 9.5mm No, possible but warranty will be voided No
Cloud Storage Yes Yes No

Now let´s take a look at the connectivity and communication possibilties shall we.

Before we proceed I want to share PlayStation 4 Exclusive Titles and Xbox One Exclusive Titles with you. Or maybe you're looking for PlayStation 4 All Confirmed Titles or Xbox One All Confirmed Titles.

Subject PlayStation 4 Xbox One Wii U
A/V HDMI Output (Support for 4K), Optical Out HDMI In/Out Support for 4K), Optical Out HDMI Out, Component/Composite Out
USB USB 3.0 (x2)
USB 3.0 (x3) USB 2.0 (x4)
Web Gigabit Ethernet, IEEE 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi Gigabit Ethernet, IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n dual-band Wi-Fi (2.4 & 5Ghz) Gigabit IEEE 802.11 b/g/n dual-band Wi-Fi (2.4 & 5Ghz, LAN via USB dongle
Bluetooth Bluetooth 2.1 (EDR) Not Supported Bluetooth 4.0
NFC (Near Field Communication) Not Supported Not Supported GamePad
Controllers DualShock 4(included) Xbox One Wireless Controller (included) Wii U GamePad (included), Wii Remote and Nunchuk (not included), Pro Controller (not included)
Motion Contrl DualShock 4, PS Eye (not included), PS Move (not included) Kinect 2 Wii U GamePad, Wii Remote
Voice Commands Yes (TBA) Yes Not Supported
Backwards Compatibility Not Supported Not Supported Wii Games Supported
Cross Game Chat Yes Yes Not Supported

Source: IGN