Loving the new Sony Xperia Z1

So I've had my +Sony Xperia Z1 (black) for just over 3-4 weeks now and I like it, a lot. There are lots opinions out there on the net. Some say it is poorly manufactured and you'll get disappointed by the service that is provided when you actually need it. Others are totally in love, never had problems with the Z1 nor had things being broken.

There was one issue though that stood out for me. The topic of the issue was the screen breaking all by it self, to be clear; without dropping, bumping or (yes even) sitting on it. It just broke. Or so they say. It's not that I don't believe those people, I just want to argue the point that maybe not of all the people claiming their screen broke on its own, it really did happen on it's own. 
Let's say there are 100 people saying it happened, just a random number for the purpose of my example. There are about 70 people, who really didn't dropped or bumped the phone. Of those 70 there are, oh let's say, 40 people who don't just sling their phones on the table or constantly misplace it. You know what I mean? These 40 people really had their screen broken without provocation! But this is already less than half of the claims.
 Maybe my view of this is completely wrong, I'm not saying that these are facts. All I am trying to say is that we shouldn't just blindly start complaining and we'd be better of it we stop for a sec and think about circumstances and situations. Not everything is just black and white.

Well here's a lovely picture of the Z1, ain't she purty.
Xperia Z1 Black
Sony Xperia Z1 Black